Crucially such agreements are worked out between you, at your own pace, with the help and guidance of an impartial mediator, rather than being imposed on you at the end of a long, acrimonious and costly court process.

This means the whole process is controlled by you and is geared to moving forward with your lives and those of your children.
Studies show that when managed well, children are quite capable of dealing with relationship breakdown, what they find difficult is to move forward and be happy in their own lives until you as their parents are happy and settled in your new lives.

Weeks and months are a long time in a child’s life so the fact that mediation is a much quicker and less stressful process is of huge benefit to them in regaining their happiness and stability.

Similarly the fact that mediation is so much cheaper than the traditional hard fought litigation route leaves more in the family pot for you all to move on with your lives.

What is Mediation?

A much more civilised and less damaging alternative for obtaining a separation or divorce than the outmoded lawyer and court route. Mediation is not marriage guidance, counselling or any sort of therapy. It is a process that helps couples who have decided they can no longer live together and wish to separate or divorce, find a way to move on with their lives by working out agreements about their children, finances and the family home.

Nearly every time I ask someone if their stressful divorce battle through the courts was worth it, the answer is no... Mediation is a quicker, cheaper and more amicable alternative, particularly where children are concerned.
Jonathan Djanogly: Justice Minister
It was a pleasure to meet you for stages 2&3 of the mediation process and thank you for your help, advice and understanding.

Dr R